1. Can I instruct you if I am not a resident in the UK?
Yes, you can instruct us if you are not a resident in the UK. We however advise that the subject matter of your instruction is in relation to the UK or covered under UK legislation.
2. If my matter is not listed on your website would you still be able to help me?
Our expertise covers diverse areas of law. We have listed some of those on our website. We also understand that there are some legal matters that may involve one or more of those areas, or other areas of law not listed on our website. We will be happy for you to contact us and we will provide you confirmation of whether your matter is one that we can take on or alternatively we will refer you to a firm of solicitors with expertise in your matter.
3. Could you represent me in court?
We are able to represent our clients in court and tribunals and where appropriate instruct counsel on their behalf. For best representation, we advise that clients contact us for advice before their matters proceed to court as we may be able to offer a settlement of the claims or resolution at reduced cost rather than having full representation at court hearings.
4. How do I pay my legal fees?
If you choose to take us on as your representative, you will be provided details of your fees and how to make payments to us. You can make payment by card, cheque, online bank transfer, and cash. Please note that there is a limit on how much cash we can accept which we will advise on. We are also able to offer you flexible installment payments which we are happy to discuss with you.
5. Can I get legal aid for my matter?
Not all cases or matters can be funded by legal aid. We would advise you to contact us in the first instance to see if your matter would be one that can be covered by legal aid.
6. Would I be given progress of my case?
We will endeavor to keep you informed of any update on your case. This will be when there is any correspondence from the court, tribunals, or third parties and also if there is any updates in the law or legislation that may impact your case. We will keep in touch with you at least every month.
7. How do I transfer my file to you if I am not happy with my current solicitor?
We would advise in the first instance to speak with your current solicitors to see if they can resolve your grievances. If you still are not happy with them, you can contact us, and we will handle the file transfer process as smoothly as possible with them. We will require your signed authority to contact them.
8. What is the best way to contact you?
Our opening hours are from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. You can contact us by calling our office during our opening hours or you can email us at enquiries@chancerywestlaw.com.