Our Vision

  • To be a world class legal firm propelled and sustained by our commitment on providing skilled, ethical, cost effective and customized legal solutions to our clients, in a mutually beneficial business relationship with our clients, legal partners and stakeholders.
  • To desire to act honestly, and defend the rights of the undefended and to do so with a good conscience and to the service of humanity.
  • To have absolute beliefs in our values and a clear vision in justice and to be guided by both in all matters.
  • To use our best expertise in assisting our clients in using the law and the judicial system to help resolve their legal problems.


Our Mission

At Chancery West Law, in line with our vision and our values, we are committed to:


  • Creating and nurturing positive and fulfilling lifelong relationships with our clients, our staff, our stakeholders and community.
  • Understanding our clients’ needs for better services.
  • Being proactive in anticipating problems and issues that might arise in any matter and advising our clients on how best to manage such risks before they arise.
  • Working with our clients to reduce costs and adequately budget for their case.
  • Delivering quality legal services to our clients for a reasonable fee.
  • Provision of services that are timely, reliable and focused on our clients’ specific needs and instructions.
  • Continuously looking for opportunities to add value to our services for our clients and stakeholders.
  • Ensuring that our clients’ access to justice is not limited by their race, sex, disability, religion or belief, age, sexual orientation, where they live or their means to pay for legal services.
  • Making use of cutting edge legal and business technologies and methodologies in service of our clients.

Our Values

[enshrined in this prayer]

“Lord, grant that I may be able in argument,
accurate in analysis,
strict in study,
candid with clients,
and honest with adversaries.

Sit with me at my desk
 and listen with me to my client’s plaints,
read with me in my library,
and stand beside me in court,
so that today I shall not,
in order to win a point
 lose my soul.”

– St Thomas More

Tenets of our Legal Practice

  • The desire to act honestly, and defend the rights of the undefended is a divine gift found only in a few. To have such agift and not use it or to corrupt its use is a disservice to one’s conscience and a great loss to humanity.
  • We believe that upholding the law is the bedrock of a free and fair society and we shall continuously uphold our pledge by providing legal solutions that protect your rights.
  • We believe that all men, women and children have an inalienable right to use the law and the judicial system to obtain justice. We will advocate for and uphold your access to justice.
  • We believe that your access to justice should not be limited by your race, sex, disability, religion or belief, age, sexual orientation, where you live or your means to pay for legal services.
  • We will help and defend those who can’t defend themselves because the man next door if he is denied justice will be restless and he will affect my sleep.  But importantly, that man who has denied another man his just-rights will do so again, perhaps to me.
  • The Law doesn’t guarantee justice. Good lawyers do. Good lawyers are guided by their absolute beliefs and a clear vision – we have both.